About Us

The Partnership

Lisa Cryder and Stefanie Hare are friends, colleagues and lovers of fine wine. Lisa is an entrepreneur with a background in advertising and public relations. Stefanie has directed marketing efforts in the corporate and nonprofit sectors and most recently promoted Washington wine and winery tourism. They formed Corks and Canvas Events as a way to expose more locals to Washington wines and because they believe that creativity can inspire and motivate everyone to live a fuller happier and more productive life. To date, over 6,000 individuals have attended their public and private events at tasting rooms, wineries and bars that pride themselves on featuring local spirits, beer and wine.

Dedicated Do-Gooders

The partners believe in giving back to the community and they are volunteers, board members and supporters of a number of different nonprofit organizations. Periodically they will host Painting for a Purpose events that will support one of their favorite charities.

Contact us about hosting a fundraiser for your favorite cause.

Corks and Canvas Events at Camp Korey

Again, thank you so much for donating your time and resources to Camp Korey! In the feedback survey, the painting experience received top marks from every person who participated – I think it really allowed the participants to express themselves and have a bit of freedom and control.