At Corks and Canvas Events, we are proud to offer you beautiful art and quality art instruction from a lineup of notable artists and instructors.

Angela Bandurka Hoskins was born in British Columbia, Canada, and comes from a multi-generational family of passionate artists. She started drawing as a child and completed her first commissioned portrait at 15. Her 12 years of corporate experience as a Graphic Artist and Art Director for companies like Costco and RealNetworks have been invaluable to her sense of design and color. Her work has been exhibited in shows throughout Western Washington and British Columbia and she recently won Best in Show at the International Society of Acrylic Painter. She is a Signature Member of the International Society of Acrylic Painters (ISAP), as well as a member of Artist Connect, Eastside Association of Fine Artists, Mukilteo Arts Guild. Angela is currently represented by Cole Gallery in Edmonds, WA. Angela makes her home in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more about Angela at


 Tal Renfro holds the distinction of being our first “guy” instructor. A local Washingtonian, Tal has been drawing, coloring and writing his entire life. He has worked in Hollywood, on both films and TV (The Bachelorette!) drawing storyboards and painting wall murals. A few years ago, he made his way back to the homeland to pursue working on his art full time. He recently published his first series of graphic novels “The Swashbuckling Adventures of Captain Kitty” and is working on commissions and other art projects. You can learn more about Captain Kitty and Tal at


Clare Clark
Clare Clark’s creativity was nourished early on by the writers, musicians and artists in her family. After earning her degree in Art at the University of California, Fullerton, Clare settled in Newport, Washington doing freelance design while she and her husband built their dream home on the Pend Oreille River. Surrounded by such natural beauty, she soon focused solely on painting and teaching art. One of her greatest joys is the work she does in the Newport School District. The influence of her two children led Clare to believe that everyone should have the opportunity to express their creativity.



Milari Hare considers herself an “accidental fashionista” with a passion for art and living large. She was an art history major that detoured into the world of fashion when Nordstrom made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. Years later she is still the creative force behind the successful women’s clothing label, Live a Little which sells in some of the largest retailers nationwide. Her creativity turned a corner a few years ago when she discovered a talent for painting and teaching art. She is responsible for painting some of our most popular art to date and has helped hundreds of our painters get in touch with their inner artist. Most importantly, she wants to share her passion for all things creative and inspire others to live a little larger. Check out her blog at


Barb Photo
Barb Chaney’s
passion for the arts began in grade school with private painting lessons and competitions and continued into high school and college where she gravitated towards the artistic classes as well as drama and set design. Her love for laughter, creativity and cherished time with friends led her to paint as a guest with Corks and Canvas in 2010 and she’s loved it ever since. She happily joined our team in 2013. By day Barb is all business as a real estate consultant for wireless carriers. By night she dons her red apron and guides painters through the process of creating beautiful works of art.

Peggy Stanley
was born and raised in Poulsbo on the family farm and still living there today, Peggy’s artistic sensibilities were influenced by generations of artisans. Her maternal grandfather like generations before him were glassblowers in Sweden until he purchased the farm in 1902. As a precocious child, Peggy was already developing her creative talents and let only select people color in her coloring books, which she still has to this day! She went on to study art and fashion in college then used her talents as a buyer at Nordstrom until she opened the Country Road Gift Shop a joint venture with her mother and sister. If you’re from the Poulsbo area, you may have stopped in and marveled at the artistic displays of vintage objects in the old one-room schoolhouse. From there she spent several years teaching art to children at a private school in Poulsbo which as she points out, was great training for her current role at Corks and Canvas Events. After years of raising a family, she credits Corks and Canvas for her artistic reawakening. Now there’s an easel set up on her porch and many evenings you’ll find her with paintbrush and wine in hand (when she’s not in her garden) dabbling in both acrylics and oils. We can’t wait to see her art website that she’s launching soon and maybe she’ll even let us see her coloring books. Pictured with her is husband David Stanley and her stalwart event helper. Dave is always on hand to greet painters with a smile and encourage their artistic exploration.


Randy BudanoRandy is an Army Brat who has lived in Guam, Louisiana, Hawaii, Maryland, California and now calls Spokane home. His artistic sensibilities have been influenced by his travels and he’s been drawing, painting and sculpting since he can remember. He’s also passionate about music and has been a garage band performer for years. Randy studied art at Monterey Peninsula College and wanting to give back to his community, he became a volunteer art teacher for four years at West Valley City School. He currently works as an Engineering Technician designing municipal road projects. Instructing at Corks and Canvas Events has revitalized Randy’s art career and he enjoys helping others tap into their inner artist while managing their emotions with humor and fun.



Cate Roberts was first inspired to become an artist by her aunt who was a college art professor. Her aunt’s paintings are what really inspired Cate to start painting. Her interest continued to grow as did her talent. When she nannied kids she would draw comics for them. Eventually she went on and took several classes in college, specializing in charcoal. Her first painting class was with Corks and Canvas Events! Cate worked her way up from there and became an instructor. We couldn’t be happier to have her! Some fun facts about Cate? She enjoys cross stitching. She spent a month traveling through Norway to see where her family came from. And some of her hobbies include skiing, camping, and pretty much anything else that will get her outdoors.


Ryan Dorsey, originally from Bothell, now lives in Seattle, WA. He received his Bachelor’s degree in fine arts from the University of Washington. After finishing college Ryan spent 3 1/2 months hiking the Pacific Crest Trail, all 2,659 miles of it from Mexico to Canada. He went by the trail name Lawless. Along the way he fell in love with the landscapes and rediscovered his passion for backpacking. Nearing the end of the trail he heard of the Crater Lake Marathon and decided to participate, coming in 2nd place! These days he enjoys trail running and reading a good book. Fun fact about Ryan, he just recently got married! To learn more about him and see his artwork, follow him on Instagram at ryanthomasdorsey.


Wendee Smalley was born and raised in Tacoma Washington and now lives in the Puyallup area with her husband, Scott. She’s been helping  friends and family with all kinds of arts and creativity all of her life. She was introduced to sewing and painting early in life and credits her mother for getting her interested in art.  Her mother took Tole painting classes and created many beautiful pieces that Wendee still has in her home. Wendee has continued all her life with a crafty side – you name it – she probably has done it.  Sewing and quilting, stamping, scrap booking, beading, and many other projects. Corks and Canvas found Wendee!  She had attended two events with girlfriends from work and fell in love with painting. One evening she mentioned that she would love to instruct a class and we took her up on that offer! Wendee started with Corks and Canvas in early 2015 and began instructing last year.  She loves the experience and fun of sharing her creativity with others!


Kathy Holmes is a self taught artist! While she did receive a certificate for scientific illustration from the University of Washington, she learned everything she knows about painting by teaching herself. Her mom was also a very artistic lady so it runs in her blood. She has been with Corks and Canvas for going on 2 years now and we love having her! Not only does she paint, she also does many other forms of art such as sewing, re-purposing furniture, and arranging succulents to name a few. Kathy has a beautiful daughter named Natalie who helps her out occasionally at some of the events she’s instructing. In her free time Kathy is a force to be reckoned with. She joined the Jet City Roller Derby when they first started back in 2006. She has been in every position, from team captain, to blocker, to jammer and is on an all star travel team. To learn more about her and her upcoming bouts, check out her page with Jet City Roller Derby.


Susan Spencer has been with Corks and Canvas almost from the beginning but only just recently began instructing. She has been one of our amazing art developers and has created many of the original pieces our guests love so much! She learned how to paint by attending our events but has always had a creative side. Susan has done many artistic endeavors including landscaping, gemstone jewelry making, crocheting, knitting and she is an accredited stager for high end homes. Some fun things you might not know about her, she traveled for two months by herself in South America, visiting Bolivia, Argentina, Brazil, Ecuador, and Chile. All in all she has traveled to 22 different countries through out the world, including Scotland to meet her relatives. Susan is an expert skier. She has raced competitively and competed in extreme skiing. She currently works with women who are victims of domestic abuse through her church. She enjoys back packing, cooking, and has hiked many of the mountain lakes in Washington.